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Ethos: a better life insurance

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Life insurance is a sticky endeavor for many of us. First of all, it feels morbid. Who wants to talk about death? Or benefitting from someone else's? It can lead to all kinds of uncomfortable conversations and decisions.

It can also be really hard to obtain. Many life insurance brokers put the pressure on, trying to get you to buy more than you need for the benefit of their own commission check. There can be lots of back-and-forth with an agent and the costs and fees are not always transparent. The process can take up to ten weeks to get coverage, and the different plans can feel confusing. Not to mention, it often involves doctor visits and probing questions.

But despite these barriers, it is important. It's especially important for parents. The death of a spouse could leave the remaining parent with not only devastating grief, but a financial hardship. And that is why life insurance exists . . . as a safety need to keep your world running in the face of a tragedy.

Ethos is a new company with the goal of making life insurance simple and accessible for the modern consumer. They've used the technology and interface that younger generations are comfortable with, and created a website where anyone can apply for term life insurance 100% online for free, in as little as 10 minutes. There are no pushy salespeople, no hidden fees, and for 99% of us, no medical exam is required. Most healthy people will be approved instantly, and the best part? There is no upsell. You are in the driver's seat.

Ethos focuses solely on term life insurance, which is much more affordable than other types of life insurance. Term life insurance is life insurance that covers you for a set amount of time, offered in 10, 15, 20, or 30-year terms. (Our family has a 20 year policy, to get us through the child-rearing years and then a little buffer if the unthinkable happened.) If you pass away while the policy is in effect, a pre-set cash payment is paid to whomever you name as a beneficiary, and at the end of the term, the policy expires and is no longer in effect. Choosing the term is a personal decision, but it tends to be the best type of life insurance for most families because it is by far the most affordable and can offer coverage for parents who rely on one another to keep things afloat. (i.e. pretty much most of us.) Term life insurance assures that while your kids are growing up, you could still afford things like your home, college, or the repayment of debts in the case of a spouse's death.

Ethos provides the benefits of a modern consumer experience and the security of a major life insurance company. Ethos has partnered with Assurity, an “Excellent” rated life insurance company with 130 years of experience. Prices are competitive and claims are paid quickly.

Wondering if you need life insurance? Here are a few tips:

4. Who should get covered? How does Ethos help my family?

a. The need for life insurance depends on what stage of life you are in.

b. We believe you should get covered if you have someone you want to protect

financially in the event you pass away, such as a spouse or children.

c. Households with Children and One Income

i. When the household is dependent on one wage earner, there is a great

need for life insurance that will financially provide for the future.

ii. Households with young children and one income are in the greatest need

of life insurance that will help keep finances intact in the event of an

untimely death.

iii. In this situation, it’s important to address the need for life insurance as

soon as possible.

d. Households with Children and Two Incomes

i. In this case, the death of either parent presents a financial hardship that

could be significantly alleviated with life insurance.

ii. Both parents need coverage that could replace their income for several

years, and where possible, pay off a mortgage, take care of outstanding

debts, and provide for the kids’ future educational needs.

e. Married Couples, No Children

i. If both spouses are employed and contribute equally to the household’s

finances, they may choose to wait until they purchase a home or decide

to have children before buying life insurance.

ii. However, if the death of a spouse would cause financial hardship, buying

life insurance to alleviate that strain is a smart move.

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Finds

1. Topshop Floral Embroidered Jogger Lounge Pants | Nordstrom 
2. Heather Gray Geometric Joggers | Zulily
3. Velour Jogger's Mossimo Supply Co | Target 
4. Embroidered Floral Joggers | Anthropologie 
5. Out From Under Luisa Tie-Front Jogger Pant | Urban Outfitters 
6. Stripe Jogger's | The Gap 
7. French Terry Lounge Joggers | Old Navy 
8. Marled Brush Jogger Sweat Pants | Target 
9. Blue Floral Joggers | Zulily 

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Odds and Ends

1. Is your news source factual? This is the coolest chart ever.

2. Proud of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw for speaking out.

3. My husband loves this study, but it totally pisses me off. #earlybirdsftw

4. This is a must-read. For women and men alike. (Warning: may be triggering.)

5. Why do some men force women to watch them masturbate? Insightful article.

6. Well, looks like Senator Al Franken can join the ranks of disgusting men. A shame.

7. And in regards to women speaking up, “change is coming. What looks like women talking about their experiences with rape culture is actually a vast area of endarkened human unconsciousness suddenly becoming enlightened into consciousness.” This is an important read.

8. Billionaires desperately need our help, guys! Barf.

9. Wow, this painting just sold for 450 million dollars. Wowza.

10. I posted earlier this week on my Instagram Stories about my favorite diffuser. It’s so pretty in the home. (And my favorite oils are from here.)

11. These baroque-inspired portraits are stunning. So beautiful.

12. What? A 9th planet? SCIENCE.

13. Dear oldest child, you’re not the boss. Ha!

14. Nothing wrong with a little sparkle during the holidays. Imagining this with some high-waisted black trousers.

15. In this week’s Selfie podcast, we talk to Caleb Wilde, a funeral director, about self-care in the face of mortality, and we continue the skincare conversation from the previous week. (That wasn’t an awkward segue, I swear.)

Happy Friday to you! Enjoy the weekend.

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Helping kids make good food choice: an interview with Amy Rodriguez

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Amy Rodriguez is best known for being a two-time Olympic gold medalist soccer star, but the role she cherishes most is that of mom to her two kids. Staying fit and healthy is a priority for Amy and she works hard to make sure she is feeding her kids wholesome foods. Here, she shares some of her best tips on how to keep active families eating well on the go.

Kristen: How do you keep up with eating healthy as a busy mom?

Amy: When I go grocery shopping I try to pick items that are going to be right in my fridge; easy to pick up and go and healthy at the same time.

Kristen: When you're shopping and looking at labels, what are you looking for? What differentiates a healthy snack versus an unhealthy snack for you?

Amy: I typically look for products with the USDA certified organic seal on them. Those products are usually brands that I trust. You know what you're getting. It's all natural. Shopping organic means you're not going to get any toxins, artificial hormones or pesticides, nothing GMO. That's really important for our little kids. We’re taking care of their bodies because we are developing their immune systems. We are developing their growth. It’s super important to be feeding them the right foods.

Kristen: It's hard sometimes as a mom to convince my kids that healthier eating is the best way. Especially when they may have friends at school sitting next to them with red dye and sugar snacks and all that kind of stuff. As a professional athlete, what advice would you give to some older kids, teens or tweens, about why healthy eating actually is important?

Amy: Obviously being a professional athlete, my body is super important and what I feed it is also super important. To make sure that I'm firing on all cylinders and I'm performing well on the field, I need to be making sure that I'm putting the right foods in my body. With two little kids I find that they're impressionable and they're developing habits of either healthy eating or unhealthy eating. I'm trying my best to lead by example: Show them important foods and what they can do and how they can make you feel.

Kristen: What are some of your favorite go to snacks for your kids?

Amy: Yogurt is a total staple in my house for both the adults and kids. It's a quick high protein, high calcium snack in the morning. I usually feed them Stonyfield YoKids squeezers in the little pouches. They love them. They're super healthy for you, organic, low in sugar, all the things you would want in a quick little bite to eat.

Kristen: How about for you?

Amy: In the morning I'll get a little yogurt cup, maybe a slice of toast and be off to my work out. I find that a high protein breakfast without a ton of sugar is going to be the best for performance for me.

Kristen: For parents who may not understand what GMO even stands for, why is that something that we want to avoid?

Amy: For me personally, genetically modified foods are no bueno. I try not to feed them to my kids because it's not natural. We don't even know what's going into it. There could be toxic pesticides. There could be artificial ingredients, hormones, antibiotics, anything that may not come just straight from the earth. I find that when I feed my kids organic, their energy is higher. Their health is better. Overall, I just find that as a safer, best choice for my kids.

Kristen: Any other tips that you have for moms trying to keep their kids eating healthy?

Amy: Like you said, when the kids go to school and they see other kid's lunchboxes filled with other things, I find that there's a sense of peer pressure there. I think it's important to lead by example. We're developing those habits and we're creating their diet for them. We hope that this will carry on through them when they make their own choices as they get older. If my kid opens up the fridge he has healthy options.

Stonyfield offers an amazing line of non-GMO organic yogurts for both adults and kids. My family is also a fan of the YoKids  line for a quick snack, breakfast on-the-go, or frozen as an after-dinner treat, and I was thrilled to learn they recently reduced the sugar profile of these yogurts, putting them at between 25% to 40% less sugar than the leading kids’ yogurt. Check out their whole product like, and where to buy, at

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

One of the highlight

One of the highlights of my visit to Brimfield was searching for and finding beautiful linens. Stumbling upon the booth of Wendy L…
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Best family activities for indoor evenings

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It's getting dark earlier this time of year, and even in California the evening air is cold enough that the kids are indoors most evenings. This can pose a problem for parents with active kids who are used to playing outside until the streetlights come on. I feel like the first few weeks of daylight savings time we are always a little thrown off, sort of staring at each other at 5pm thinking "now what do we do?" It takes a while but we eventually fall into a new rhythm that involves more indoor activities as a family. Here are some of our favorite after-dark family activities:

YouTube karaoke

Did you know that YouTube is a treasure trove for karaoke versions of popular songs? You don't need a karaoke machine, just a tv with a YouTube connection. We use Roku and a mic with a small speaker.

Enlist help cooking

You need to make dinner. The kids are in the house. The answer is obvious.

Adult coloring books

If you've not gotten on the adult coloring book kick, it's really so therapeutic and relaxing. I love it, my girls love it. We are fans of the Thin Stix tempura paint markers from Kwik Stix for these purposes. They are safe for kids, they are egg, peanut, and gluten free, and they come in fun neon and metallic colors. Best of all, they dry in 90 seconds so no smudges. Kwik Stix are available in store at Michaels and Walgreens, and online at

Light a fire and have a drum circle

Some of our most fun family moments have been sitting on the floor in front of a fire with our djembes. Full disclosure: we're not good. But whether it's listening to music and following along or just creating our own beats, there is something so fun about drums and a fire.

Play "Wink Murder"
Thanks to some youth group experiences, my oldest learned to play the game Wink Murder and taught the whole family, and now the kids are obsessed with it. It's an easy and fun connection game to do, especially around the fire.

How about you? How does your family handle the winter evenings when all of the kids are in the house?

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Wednesday's Child: Caleb

Every Wednesday I feature a child recently highlighted by a local Wednesday's Child newscast to share the stories of children from around the country who are waiting for a family. My hope is that this can broaden exposure for the children highlighted, but also serve as a reminder that these children represent thousands of children currently in the foster-care system. Perhaps their stories will inspire you to consider opening your home to a child needing a family. For more information and to learn about other waiting children, visit AdoptUsKids.

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